BFEE2 class at the Ecole Blondeau


BFEE2 class at the Ecole Blondeau.

The Brevet Fédéral d’Equitation Ethologique Level 2 at the Ecole Blondeau.

During my teacher training course, Véronique Bartin, instructor and show jumper, told me something that has remained imprinted in my memory:  "To be a good riding instructor, you must love horses, people and equitation". 

The BFEE2 class at the Ecole Blondeau reflected this definition well.  The students, taught with great care by Laurent Mézailles, showed their passion for their work.   

Love for horses:  These student teachers want to learn equine ethology and working from the ground, not to be able to gallop bareback along a white sandy beach, but because they want to offer their horses an enjoyable daily life.  It's a nice reward for these horses who are ready and willing to work for them.     

Love for people:  In wanting their pupils to learn the pleasure of working in harmony with their horses, they look to understand the mecanisms of man-horse co-operation.  They want to see their pupils smiling with satisfaction at work well done.   

Each student teaches in his own way, but all have a gentle and kind approach, with both humour and seriousness.  They love equitation which is why they chose to do the BFEE2 course at the Ecole Blondeau.  In their eyes, it is the only method which makes the link between traditional French equitation (for example, Baucher and l'Hotte) and science.   

These teachers with their BFEE2 love horses, people and equitation.  They are motivated men ad women with a passion for their work.  This passion is fulfilling and nurtures the way they work.  They are professionals who are conscious that they share the same working conditions as those they are teaching. 

The more the horses perform well, the more their pupils will learn about equitation and will have pride in their riding ability.  At the same time, if their clientele ride well, their school horses will remain willing and generous in their work.     

The Blondeau method gives the tools to build a harmonious relationship between man and the horse.

Sophie Barreau - 14.04.2017
Ethologue - Enseignante

About the Author

Sophie Barreau, mission manager, ethologist, BFEE2 and BEES1 instructor, joined our team in October 2016.  Her tasks were to work on the research programme CHEVALEDUC with Jocelyne Porcher INRA and to teach student equine ethology as well as the scientific advances made in the relationship of man and horse at work. 

In the articles « Through Sophie’s eyes », she shares her passion with us.


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