The Selle Français Stud Book: 2015 French Championship


2015 French Championship:

The Selle Français Stud Book and the Ecole Blondeau are working together to provide the best for French breeding and breeders by offering breaking-in and courses.

Every year, the Selle Français Stud Book selects the best reproduction and competition stock.

The Championship for 2 and 3 year old youngsters took place this year during the Grande Semaine at Fontainebleau on the 4 and 5 September:
- Daenrys de Fondcombe SF won the final of the 2 year olds - and his education at the Ecole Blondeau!
- Circée de Tivoli SF won the final of the 3 year olds - and a Blondeau course in Saumur for his breeder!

Go to the Facebook page to see the film of Daenerys de Foncombe SF's breaking-in in Saumur.
Our thanks to Monsieur Philippe Prevost, her breeder, for his confidence. 

The stallion Championships will take place at Saint Lô from 22 to 25 October. Come and join us on the Selle Français Stud Book stand.

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