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Handling horses at work 

Introduction:  All our courses aim to create a good relationship between horse and man when they work together.  In the course "Handling horses at work", you will start by watching work with horses which have been entrusted to us for their education and re-education. You will be guided through all the steps of the Blondeau method.     

Aim:   To use theory to understand better the relationship with a young horse.  
To use the principles of the Blondeau method to improve your working practices. 

This course is for all activities related to day to day or specific work with the horse:  breeders, stallion handlers, stable hands, grooms, travelling lads, vets, assistant vets, osteopaths, farriers and those who work with the starting gates.       

Training content:  
Theory modules:
You will be taught the theory behind the CHEVALEDUC (INTRA/Région Normandie/Ecole Blondeau) programme. This will enable you to understand the principles of the Blondeau method.

Practical modules:
Approaching a young horse using the voice to make him receptive.
Preparing a young horse for work following safety principles.  
Participate in teaching a young horse to go into and out of a trailer.  
Participate in a team teaching a young horse to use the starting gates (special module)
Participate in a team re-educating a traumatised horse to use the starting gates (special module) 

Programme to download:  FAFSEA newsletter for employers and employees

Level required:  Regularly working with horses      

Responsable de la formation : Sophie Barreau
Intervenants : Nicolas Blondeau, Sophie Barreau et Elise Lefol

Duration: 1 day, 2 days or 5 days

Dates:  Contact us

Accessibilité aux personnes en situation de handicap : Contactez-nous avec ce formulaire    

1 day:  1,200€ for a group + expenses for other areas 
2 days:  2,400€ for a group + expenses for other areas                                                                  2 days:  350€ per person in Saumur
5 days:  875€ per person in Saumur

Diploma obtained for 5 day course: 1B


Assistance possible: OPCA, VIVEA et FAFSEA

To apply: 02 41 50 70 50 - Contact us with this form

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