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Introduction :  The well-structured dual course of the Blondeau method teaches the professional rider and the horse at the same time, getting the best out of both in order to develop a relationship of trust while working together.  During this discovery day, you will see the work involved in educating and re-educating horses.   

Aim :  To understand the principles of the Blondeau method. 

This course is for those with a passion for equitation and who would like to know about the education of youngsters in a specialised school.  

Programme :  
The creation and principles of the method will be explained to you by Nicolas Blondeau.  You will be able to see the first steps of a relationship between a rider and a young horse.  
The theory that you will be taught will cover subjects of equestrian culture and ethology and an outline of the work of Jocelyne Porcher, director of INRA research, on the Animal at Work.
These subjects will enable you to understand the principles of the Blondeau method.

Programme to download   

Responsable de la formation : Sophie Barreau
Intervenants : Nicolas Blondeau, Sophie Barreau et Elise Lefol

Duration: 1 day

Dates:  Please contact us 

Accessibilité aux personnes en situation de handicap : Contactez-nous avec ce formulaire                                                                                               

Location: Saumur

Tariff :
One person: 175 €
Group (6 people and over): 1200 €

Assistance possible : OPCA, VIVEA et FAFSEA

To apply : 02 41 50 70 50 - Contact us with this form

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