Brevet Fédéral d'Encadrement d'Équitation Éthologique 1 (BFEEE1)



All our courses aim to create a good relationship between man and the horse when they work together.  
The course "Brevet Fédéral d’encadrement d'équitation éthologique 1 (BFEEE1)" is centred around the aim of co-operation with man, and you will be guided through the steps of working from the ground with schooled horses until you have the theoretical, practical and teaching ability to work independently.   

To watch a young horse being broken in using the Blondeau method.
To acquire the principles of the Blondeau method to educate a schooled horse in ground work. To use the theory of the movement of the horse and ethology to understand better the relationship with the horse.  To attain a knowledge of teaching in order to train students to the level of FFE Savoir 2. 

This course is aimed at:  Instructors (BEES, BPJEPS, AQA, ATE, CQP, BAAPAAT, AP, AAE) or students in training 

Course content:
Working modules:
Organise a session of initiation to ethological equitation on the ground for students preparing for Savoirs 1 &2
.  Prepare a session relating to Savoirs 1 & 2
.  Direct a session of initiation to ethological equitation on the ground to individuals or to a group
.  Assess a session

Technical modules:
Demonstrate the techniques of ethological equitation on the ground to riders from an equestrian centre to help with their training and their well-being:
.  Use the right gestures and actions around the horse
.  Control the horse in different situations
.  Assess and justify your choice of action
Theory modules:
Using your knowledge to observe the horse's behaviour and its particular aspects:
.  Be aware of the behaviour and main principles of how the horse communicates
.  Understand the link between horse and rider
.  Understand the fundamentals of the horse's behaviour

Programme to download 

Level required:
BPJEPS or be in teacher training

Responsable de stage :
Sophie Barreau

Intervenants :
Nicolas Blondeau
Sophie Barreau
Elise Lefol

Duration: 35 hours

Dates de la formation : lundi 24 janvier au vendredi 28 janvier 2022
Date de l'examen : lundi 31 janvier 2022

Lieu : Saumur

Accessibilité aux personnes en situation de handicap : Contactez-nous avec ce formulaire

Tarif et modalités d'inscription en fonction de votre statut en fonction de votre statut

Financement possible pour :
- les auto entrepreneurs
- les demandeurs d'emploi
- les cotisants MSA avec le VIVEA ou le OCAPIAT

Lien pour vous inscrire
Inscription : 02 36 38 02 57 - ou par mail

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Diploma obtained:
Brevet Equitation Ethologique Level 1


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