Brevet Fédéral d'Encadrement d'Équitation Éthologique 2 (BFEEE 2)



All our courses aim to create a good relationship between man and the horse when they work together.  The course "Brevet Fédéral d’encadrement d'équitation éthologique 2 (BFEEE2) » is centred around this aim.   You will be guided through the steps of ground and ridden work with schooled horses until you have the theoretical, practical and teaching ability to work independently.

To use the theory of how the horse moves, ethology and the scientific advances of CHEVALEDUC  to understand better the relationship with the horse and to be able to teach.  
To attain a knowledge of teaching in order to train students up to FFE Savoir 5 level
To attain a knowledge of teaching in order to train teachers for BFEEE1.  

This course is aimed at:  BEES, BPJEPS, AQA, ATE, CQP, BAAPAAT, AP, AAE or those in teacher training

Course content:
Working modules:
Organise a session of ethological equitation to people preparing for Savoirs 3 to 5:
.  Prepare a session relating to Savoirs 3 to 5
.  Manage the different phases of a session for a group of riders on the ground or mounted
.  Assess a session of ethological equitation
Technical modules
Put into action the techniques of ethological equitation on the ground or mounted:
.  Establish a relationship
.  Control one part of the horse beside or at a distance
.  Cope with obstacles
Theory modules:
.  To know and use deeper knowledge of ethological equitation 
.  Understand horses' behaviour     

Programme to download

Level required:
BFEE1 (Blondeau method)

Responsable de la formation : Sophie Barreau

Intervenants : Nicolas Blondeau, Sophie Barreau et Elise Lefol

Duration: 105 hours + 1 exam day

Dates: new dates to follow, please contact us

Accessibilité aux personnes en situation de handicap : Contactez-nous avec ce formulaire

Location: Saumur

Tariff:  2625€ + 100€ for the exam

Assistance possible: 
-  self-employed
-  those seeking employment
-  those contributing to MSA with VIVEA or OCAPIAT

Formulaire d'inscription à l'examen
Diploma for this course:
Brevet Equitation Ethologique Level 2


To apply: 02 41 50 70 50 - Contact us with this form

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