Blondeau Method training

Our training programmes aim to build and consolidate the mechanisms in which man and horse work together. Whether you are a professional, amateur or pleasure rider, your horse must first be educated so that he can learn his future occupation.

He must acquire the basic skills to live with man and learn the daily activities:  being groomed, loading and unloading, and going into the starting gates. He must use the three paces when asked to do so.

All our courses are organised around the aim of working together. Since October 2016, the Ecole Blondeau has been at the forefront of a research programme in partnership with the INRA (National Institute for agricultural research) and the Normandy Region.  Jocelyne Porcher is the director of the programme, known as CHEVALEDUC.  The main thrust of the research is on the development of new and effective alternative methods of training young horses in order to maintain the safety of professionals in the world of equitation and to respond to the needs of the animal's well-being whilst at work.

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