Today, breaking-in is still too often limited to backing the young horse when in fact this first step should be undertaken in the same spirit as dressage, the one progressing to the other without any obvious break.  This is what is meant by the expression "Education of the young horse with the Blondeau method" which consists of establishing a relationship of confidence between the horse and man.  This vital link in the horse’s life favours the acquisition of the notions of right and wrong which allow horse and man to develop together.  There are just two difficulties to overcome on both sides:  For the horse it is the fear of man and for man, the apprehension of the horse’s reactions.

Duration: 15 days
Tariff : 90€ + TVA 20%)

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BREAKING-IN STARTING GATES Giving back confidence

Breaking-in video


Education Blondeau : Daenerys de Fondcombe / Blondeau Education: Daenery de Fondcombe from Ecole Blondeau Saumur on Vimeo.

Terre from Ecole Blondeau Saumur on Vimeo.

La première séance du débourrage : manipulations, embarquement, premier montoir, premier pas monté. from Ecole Blondeau Saumur on Vimeo.

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