Nicolas Blondeau


The man, his career and his Method

Skill cannot be learnt from books which hardly teach even those who know (General l'Hotte)


Simplify life for MAN, make it pleasant for HORSES

The Ecole Blondeau is the first school in Europe to teach both ethological and classical horsemanship.  The Ecole Blondeau uses the Blondeau Method, developed by Nicolas Blondeau, which enables riders to understand their horses and horses to accept their riders.  The School welcomes horses for breaking-in, giving them back confidence and  for getting them fit.  It also welcomes riders who wish to learn the Blondeau method:  Breaking-in, educating horses for racing (gallop or trotting), equestrian sports and ground work.



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La Grande Pièce St-Hilaire St-Florent
49400 SAUMUR
Tél : 33(0)2 41 50 70 50

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