SC Educating and working young horses



SC Educating and working young horses


BAC - Galop 7 FFE


1 year

* Our courses are subject to a 2 day assessment (14 hours) 
Depending on the level and results of the assessment, the 2 days may be included in the course.  


SC: Specialisation Certificate
Educating and working young horses

LEVEL REQUIRED:  Baccalauréat and FFE GALOP 7

Aim - Employment

The objective of this course is to learn:
- specific techniques for educating, working and presenting the young horse
- commercial techniques for the development of the young horse
- activity management

Ecole Blondeau - La Grande Pièce - Saint Hilaire Saint Florent - 49400 Saumur

Who is it aimed at?
The course is aimed at everyone aware of the work with young horses and who is disciplined and concentrated.

Level required
Baccalauréat and FFE Galop 7.

Teaching methods
The course is based on active teaching which alternates between practical and theory lessons and role playing.
The lessons learned on the course will be implemented with the employer.
A booklet will allow these skills to be validated.

Application pack:
- CV
- Covering letter
- Copies of exam certificates: Baccalauréat and FFE Galop 7 

Documents to download:
- Information booklet for professionals 
- SC document
- Formulaire du nouveau dispositif d'embauche

Partners with Agrilia Formation

Duration 1 year alternating with study/work  
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