CS - Educating and working with young horses


Specialisation certificate

The Blondeau method with its course to train both professional rider and horse gets the best out of both in order to develop a relationship of trust while working.  In the course "CS Educating and working with young horses", you will start by watching the work with youngsters being broken-in.  You will then be guided through the stages of working these horses until you have the theoretical and practical ability to work independently. 


To acquire the techniques of educating, working and presenting a young horse  
To acquire commercial techniques for the development of the young horse 
Activity management 

This course is aimed at people with BAC and FFE galop 7 

Approaching a young horse safely    
Handling a young, relaxed horse in-hand   
Loading and unloading a young horse from a trailer or lorry    
Handling a young horse safely    
Ethology research work ANR COW "Animals at Work" 

Level required:
A one-day assessment on your knowledge of equitation, on the subjects of care and your ridden work 

Nicolas Blondeaun Olivier Subileau et Sophie Barreau

Duration:  18 months

Dates:  September 2019 to March 2021

How the course will run:
Classroom training with student and instructor 

Course location:
Ecole Blondeau - La Grande Pièce, Saint Hilaire Saint Florent, 49400 Saumur

Level required:   BAC et galop 7 FFE

Teaching methods:
This course alternates with a professional training contract.  
It is based on active training alternating with practical and theory classes, with practical exercises. 
The lessons learnt on the course will be put into practice with your employer.
What you have learnt will be certified.  

To apply, you wll need:
- CV
- Application letter 
- Proof of exams passed: BAC or equivalent, FFE Galop 7 

Documents to download:
- Livret contrat Pro
- Fiche CS
- Formulaire du nouveau dispositif d'embauche

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