Seeking the cooperation of the horse at work


Taking into account the horse's state of mental and physical health

Introduction : All our courses aim to create a good relationship between man and the horse when they work together. In the course "Seeking the cooperation of the horse at work" you will watch the work with horses who have been entrusted to us.  You will be accompanied in the stages of care and preparation of the horse so that you will improve your knowledge of the mental and physical health of the horse at work. 

Aim : To reassure clients that the mental and physical health of the horse at work is taken into account.  

A course for everyone who works with horses:  instructor, rider, jockey, lad, travelling lad, starting gate, vet, assistant vet, farrier, equine dentist and the head of an establishment.  
Riders of young horses who want to offer activities such as breaking in from the ground or ridden, or the re-education of difficult horses will be oriented towards the BEB2 or BEB3 courses. 

Course content :
Theory modules :
The theory that you will be taught will cover subjects of equestrian culture and ethology and an outline of the work of Jocelyne Porcher, director of INRA research, on the Animal at Work.
These subjects will enable you to understand the principles of the Blondeau method.

Practical modules :
Discover the Blondeau method
Establish an appropriate and coherent method of communication 
Build a relationship between horse and rider 
Create mutual respect between horse and rider 

Programme to download

Level required :
Have regular contact with horses in your professional activity

Requirement to do the course:  

To have an FFE licence, which can be obtained from the Ecole Blondeau for 36 €

Participants :
Nicolas Blondeau
Sophie Barreau
Olivier Subileau
Emmanuel Sudret

Duration : 5 days

Dates :  03 to 07 of june 2019
01 to 05 of july 2019

Location : Saumur and in other regions of France

Tariff :
Without grant : 525 € for the 5 day course for the first year 
With grant : 875 € for the 5 day course for the first year
1 day compulsory continuous training annually for updating on scientific advances : 105 €
Compulsory annual requalification in order to follow scientific progress : 105 € 

Diploma obtained:
Brevet Ecole Blondeau Level 1 - BEB1

Grants possible: OPCA, VIVEA et FAFSEA

Inscription : 02 41 50 70 50 - Contact us with this form

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