Looking after young horses


Learning to work independently 

Introduction:  All our courses aim to create a good relationship between horse and man when they work together.  That is why in the course "Looking after young horses" you will be able to see the work with horses entrusted to us for educating and re-educating.  You will be guided through the various stages of care and preparation of the young horse until you can work independently.  

Aim:  To acquire the principles of the Blondeau method to look after young horses.         
The theory will enable you to understand better the relationship with youngsters.    

A course for the experienced rider  

Training content  
Theory modules:
The theory that you will be taught will cover subjects of equestrian culture, the study of the horse, how it moves and ethology.     
These subjects will enable you to understand the principles of the Blondeau method.   
Practical modules:
Approaching a young horse using the voice  
Cleaning out boxes in the presence of a young horse 
Preparing a young horse for work following safety principles  
Carry out upward and downward transitions from the ground using the voice     
Lungeing a young horse using the voice  
Saddling a young horse under training following safety principles  
Coping with small obstacles from the ground to ensure the co-operation of a young horse  
Teaching a young horse to go into an out of a trailer 
Participate with a team in teaching a young horse to use the starting gates   
Participate with a team in re-educating a traumatised horse to use the starting gates

Programme to download  

Level required:   
A one-day assessment test on your knowledge of equitation on the subject of care and groundwork  
Galop 3 FFE or experience

Nicolas Blondeau
Sophie Barreau
Olivier Subileau

Duration: 10 months

Date :  September to June

Location: Saumur

One-day assessment test: 120€
Course: 4600 €

Diploma for this course:
Ecole Blondeau Brevet Level 1 - BEB1


Assistance possible : OPCA, VIVEA and FAFSEA

To apply: 02 41 50 70 50 - Contact us with this form 

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